Social Media and Content are rapidly becoming a major part of marketing today. Just as rapidly they are becoming a commodity as well. YouTube will actually pay content providers per 1,000 views they receive per piece of content. Vloggers like Shay Carl, Fred, Phillip De Franco, Shay Carl, and the Venetian Princess, all make a living and a good one as far as I can tell. Check out this link to read more about how much YouTube partners can make. Most of them also make money-selling merchandise in addition to their paychecks from YouTube. But YouTube is not the only example. Social Media consulting is rapidly becoming a commodity as well. As companies struggle to take advantage of the changing marketing landscape they look for help from consulting. No longer is it enough to just do the social networking thing. Companies must provide relevant and interesting content to join in the social media conversation. Read more here.

Blogging like Vlogging is rapidly becoming a commodity as well. Besides sites like blogger and wordpress offer additional services for a price. Like other forms of content, blogs are becoming valuable for the eyeballs it attracts. However like all commodities its value can fluxuate. Because of the saturation of amateur content, blogs and other mediums are suffering. It is increasingly harder for people to profit off of their content because of the amount of content out there. Read more here.

Another way communication is becoming a commodity is charging to communicate. VOIP lines (Voice Over Internet Protocol) like Skype are making money as a means to talk on the phone or via video chat. It and other companies like Vonage are making money off of our desire to communicate. With easy ways to connect internationally these companies offer a cheaper way to connect with contacts. For more information read more here. All in all whether its content or a VOIP company there are many examples of communication becoming a commodity today from a business perspective.


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