Google Vs. Windows: New Operating System by Google in 2010

Google officially announced that it is launching Google Chrome Operating System (OS) in late 2010. Google already launched the browser aptly named Chrome in 2009. The reason that they are using the same name for the operating system is that the operating system will share many similarities to the browser. The operating system would be stored remotely and accessed via the Internet. This will give Google unprecedented control over the hardware and software allowed on its system. Many liken it to the control Apple is able to excerpt over the iphone and their computers.

Google is obsessed with shortening boot times. This OS system would allow for computers to be network based and be more like TV that just turns on quickly connects. In an article by John Naughton in the UK’s The Observer, Sunday 29 November 2009. “ Sundar Pichai, the Google vice-president who launched the system, claimed that the aim was to make the Chrome OS work like a TV: you turn it on and in a few seconds you can get the program you want. No more interminable delays while the computer boots up, checks its memory and loads the operating system before it deigns to give you so much as a log-on prompt.” Read more here.

My personal thoughts are that this marks a revolution in personal computing. It also raises some red flags. Do we really trust Google with everything? Albeit they have fought hard to protect its users information on Gmail while other companies like Yahoo have handed over records to the government without any reservations when asked. But that doesn’t mean I want to turn over records of my finances for my business or home to a company other than my CPA firm. The other big issue I see is that this will become a hacker’s wet dream. With that much at stake hackers will be after this system from day one. A high level of proven security needs to be proven before I would entrust my documents. All in all I like the concept and for mobile computing this could really be a game changer your cell phone. Suddenly the same operating system on your computer would be the EXACT same as on your phone. I also will be curious to see if Google tie’s in any advertising to the OS. Microsoft and us as marketers will definitely be paying attention to this as it develops later this year.

Some links about the topic:
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A video overview:


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