Blog Tips

What factors are most important in a blog? What about a blog would make you read it?”

The great thing about communication today is how many options we have in doing it. The problem is that all those options are all vying for our attention as well. I think that there is a lot of over communication today as a result. That being said a blog has to capture the reader in order to get their precious attention. That means interesting titles and headlines that hook you. You must be able to concisely point out articles and links while still letting your personality shine through. Long blogs are not something most people want to read. I know my own blogs tend to get a little out of hand length wise.

Subject matter is the biggest thing however. No matter how good the writing is boring subjects won’t capture me or any other reader of a blog. I think that having new or new spin on a older story is an integral part. No one wants the same news in the same way. I use blogs as a source of news and expect them to be fresh. New posts regularly help to keep me coming back. I found some good articles by a great site and included them below as well.

18 blog tips to help you succeed in 2010

101 ways to promote your blog


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