Project Management

Project management is an integral part of most businesses today. Our business is no exception. If it is an ad campaign run on our site or a web development build most of our work ends up having a component of project management. One of the tools we use especially in web development is Google Wave. This allows us to track conversations clue in team members (you are able to replay the conversation to catch them up) and share files. We have taken what used to take many emails and file shares into one realtime conversation. Google wave works well for organizing our thoughts and deadlines. To read more check this link.

In doing project management it is important to consider four main things.

Time– The first consideration in any project. You need to have a deadline and goals for any project. This will help you to consider the resources for the project.

Resources– The resources you need will help you plan the objective and extent you will complete the project. A project with limited resources will help you in considering the time allotted and assets used.

Money– Money is the most important resource to consider in your project. You need to determine the costs and adjust the scope to fit within those parameters. If the project is not doable with your financial resources you need to rethink the time etc… so that it can become doable.

Scope – After you consider the resources costs and time associated you can consider the scope of how you will accomplish the project. You may find that with the costs and resources allotted you may have to alter the scope of the project to fit within those parameters. You should also appoint roles to team members and there individual contributions to the overall project. This will help you determine the scope as well.

Some useful links for Project Managment″&gt

The most important thing however is to determine measurable goals. Without these no project can be a success without determining what will make it a success. Goals are integral to any project. They must be measurable and agreed upon by all parties involved.


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  1. Hi Dustin,

    You might find the Huts section on PM Hut a very useful and extensive resource on Project Management:

    Hope you’ll have a chance to take a look.

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