One Idea Guaranteed to Fix America’s Economy

I am not a fan of political blogging but I felt the need to share this blog with you. I normally will not have political posts on here unless they relate to marketing so please don’t shy away if not. America is in crisis. We have a failing economy, high unemployment, and a housing crisis. I have heard a lot of politician’s plans for change and how they will heal america’s financial woes. I haven’t heard any ideas yet that give me the hope I was promised during the elections. The problem is that the politicians are using band-aides on what I would call a bone deep gash. That will never work. Flooding the market with government money is not a solution. Some might argue that for true capitalism to work we must fail and institutions can then be bought out and rebuilt stronger. I don’t think we need to go to that extreme.

What we need to do is invest in our future. Education is what could single handedly fix our economy. We should allow for corporate sponsorship of money 101 classes in grade/high school. These classes could teach the basics. The basics that are lacking in our children that should have been taught at the dinner table. How to balance a check book. How to negotiate a lease. How to save for retirement. How to create a budget. How to manage your money. These things are important and we rely on them being taught at home. The truth is that they aren’t taught at home. The affluent teach money management which is why those from wealthy backgrounds tend to mind their money better than those who are not. The generation that grows up out of this sort of education would be wiser and financially more responsible. It is the only true way to change our future economy; better educated leaders and masses.

Banks would line up to teach children how to open a checking account. If you learned how to pick your student loan wouldn’t you give your teacher’s company due consideration? These services would be great marketing for companies and even better for America. We don’t need new strategies or funds we just need to educate our future leaders. If they are taught how to avoid mortgage pitfalls made by their parents we won’t have to worry about a mortgage crises again. If we don’t spend the time changing the mindsets of our children they will be doomed to make their parents mistakes again. The sponsorship concept would allow for this not to take an unhealthy strain on our already broke educational system. Lets invest in our future not just mismanage the present. Please feel free to contact me if this idea interest you via email: . I would love to work with like-minded people on an idea like this. Thank you!


3 responses to “One Idea Guaranteed to Fix America’s Economy

  1. No truer words have ever been spoken. We are truly in a state of idiots leading the blind who are leading the idiots

  2. Good idea though the recent vilification of the banking industry might make them less trustworthy in the eyes of educators and parents. Along with money management classes they should include a money and ethics class. In fact, money management and ethics should be drilled into their brains throughout high school and into their undergrad or trade school years…or is that an overreaction?

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