Know Your Role in Fixing the Economy

I hate people that complain about politics but don’t bother to vote. I think that the same rule applies to the economy. You have no right to complain if you don’t do your part. What can I the average citizen do? you ask. Easy there are several things you can do. First bank locally. By choosing to keep your money local you will enable local banks to have a bigger pool of funds to loan out. The money goes back into the local economy. You also have a choice as a member of the most robust economy in the world. You can choose where to buy goods. You can be responsible. Support local shops. Business owners locally may not have quite as large of discounts on goods as you can find online. But the difference is that your money stays local. If you choose to save $6 by going online none of that money or tax money stays in your community. Be a good member of your community and keep it local. All of that money will then stay in the community and strengthen our tax base. This really comes into play with high ticket items like cars. If you choose to drive to another city to buy your car you are keeping all of the tax money out of your area. Cars and other high ticket items are a large part of the tax base. Choosing to keep it local is an important part of doing what you can in this economy. I urge you to help fix the economy. One bank account and one purchase at a time.


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