How Math is Used by The Modern Marketer

Advertising and math go hand in hand. In order to come up with a guarantee for a product you must make sure it is not false advertising. Using deductive logic you can actually use math problems in order to make sure your guarantee is valid and economically feasible for your company. For example the use of clauses with your guarantee can help solve the validity and feasibility of your claim. So if you offer a weight loss product you must not just claim an amount of weight lost for a refund but instead give conditions that must be met that include a weight loss. Your company has done the research on the mathematics of weight loss. In order for people to get results they must show a weekly deficit of 3,500 calories. They must also use the product daily. It must include the differences in Men and Woman’s calorie counts and what is healthy as well. You can then make a journal of all foods, activities, weight be a part of your conditions. If the people do not take down their weight or activities then they cannot get the refund. Click to read more here .

An increasingly important part of advertising today is text-based ads that are Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC ads show up relevant links to terms searched within a search engine. You can bid on the words used in order to show your ads. For example if you sell trailers and you bid on the word trailer you will be billed for every time that someone clicks on your ad. The ad was generated by the word “trailer” in the search engine and is displayed along with links found by Google (organic search results). You must then do a math problem in order to see if your bid is successful and worth the price. According to most campaigns can expect a conversion rate of 6%. Meaning you can expect 6% of the clicks will turn into sales. This must balance out the cost of your ad campaign. Math allows us to use a variable in order to turn this into a equation that will answer those questions for every campaign.

X=Number of clicks on your ad
Y=Bid on your ad
Z= Average Sale
P= Number of Conversions

The equation would look like this:
X(.06)= P (z) = MUST BE GREATER THAN X * Y

This will prove whether or not your campaign was a success financially. Click to read more here.

I will be using equations like the one formulated above for a PPC campaign a lot in my future endeavors. As someone that sells Internet advertising and who does marketing for my clients I must do similar equations for all the ads bought for my clients. Even if it is on my site I must prove a return on investment. A similar model can be used to the one above for PPC on Facebook ads on my own website and other Internet ad campaigns. I already have to do a bit of math to prove any new clients ROI and I just expect that to become more of the routine.

Mathematics and Marketing are not necessarily one in the same. But lately that isn’t the case. I think that as the use of Internet Advertising increases so will Marketers use of mathematics. I have included an article talks about how to rate the success of an Internet Marketing campaign.Click to read more here. This is important for as an Internet Marketing professional to consider for my own use and for my client’s campaigns. I must take into account the factors found in the article and make sure that I am setting up the proper equations to hit my goals. The nice thing about this article is that is details out all the factors found in campaigns and how to use them together in order to build equations to show your success or failure for your campaigns. Another fun link I found that applies to any job that needs to use a search engine, Click to read more here. The article clearly shows how to use math and specific commands to get what you want out of a search.

In reality the majority of jobs will use some sort of math. It may be more logic or reason based but most careers have some component of math used. Even if it is just to balance your finances or to check if your paycheck is right I think that you will find Math a valuable tool. I am not a big math fanatic in fact I have Math anxiety but I recognize that in marketing and business development it a crucial part of my job and owning my business. I found an article that showed the math used in cosmetology, a field I think that couldn’t be less math oriented. If you use math in hair styling, I can assure you that it will come up in your chosen career. Click to read more here.


3 responses to “How Math is Used by The Modern Marketer

  1. Great post!

    Marketers that don’t love math better hire someone that does!

    Understanding these mathematical formulas will help lead to the kind of math everyone loves: counting more of your own money!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s an remarkable post for all the web viewers; they will take advantage from it I am sure.

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