Digital Coupons Drive Traffic

Consumers who use digital coupons has risen in the last 12 months because of the Increase in people concerned with saving money. A study was recently cited that one out of three consumers report using a more coupons that just a year ago (Treffiletti, 2009). However this important channel is often overlooked. The truth is that it allows marketers a very strong way to influence at the point of purchase.

Many people are now researching at the point of purchase allowing for mobile coupons to have a last chance to touch that consumer before they buy. The same study referenced earlier stated that as much as 59% of consumers will switch to a generic brand based on price. This leaves mobile coupons as a very unique way to have the last say and try and make that last deciding influence.

The other increased benefit of mobile couponing is the ability to track location of ad messages. With mobile ads and the tool of measurement of a coupon can count sales based off of coupons and where they were seen at. This overview is increasingly important and useful to marketers as they tool what spaces they will buy to reach consumers. This full circle tool of measurement allows for a proxy ratio of influencing sales. The number side with mobile coupons too stating that 63 % of the mobile redemptions drove incremental sales rather than just cannibalizing the existing customer base.

Treffiletti, C. (2009, November 11). Coupon clippers proven to drive incremental sales. Retrieved from


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