My Apologies Wordpress, I’ve missed you!

I just went to write a post an realized I am at almost two years since I last posted.  Yikes!  Truth is that my wife and I have been involved in so much work that I rarely get to post on my own personal blog.  Hope to rectify that soon.  Since I last posted I have graduated Valedictorian from Full Sail University with a B.S. in Internet Marketing.  I have also founded 3 different businesses with my wife.  One of them is a run based business which puts on fun runs.   That is the Fun Run Group LLC. The other is events of all types with some marketing consulting as well, that is called Event Marketing Creative.  If you get a chance check out our latest project: 

Thanks for supporting the blog.  Comments welcome.


2 responses to “My Apologies Wordpress, I’ve missed you!

  1. 2 years? Wow. That’s long. Welcome back and hope too see more regular content and cool stuff! Have liked your fanpage! Great cause!

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