I work as the Marketing Director for Fun Run Group LLC while running an event marketing agency (Event Marketing Creative) with my business partner and wife Rachael Ryen.     We have now segmented our work on runs into Fun Run Group LLC.  Fun Run Group has put on events like the Running Dead Zombie Mud Run and the Superheroes 5k .  Fun Run Group does marketing work for clients like our recent work with Eppie’s Great Race.  We do other types of events with Event Marketing Creative like our recent Grand Opening Party for the Red Rabbit Restaurant and Bar in Sacramento. We work on event production, event planning, content creation, digital asset optimization, SEO, and social media  for businesses / non-profits.  As you can imagine my vocations keep me pretty busy.   I am a huge advocate of philanthropy and graduated with a BS in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University in October of 2011 (Valedictorian of my class).   This blog will touch mostly on Internet marketing, social media, advertising, the bar & liquor industry, event planning, promotions,  and my own personal musings. I look forward to your feedback and rest assured I am very dubious as to whether or not I am “Cool or Interesting” enough to have my own blog.   For more on me check out either of my career websites: dustinryen.com or  Dustin Ryen’s Visualize Me


5 responses to “About

  1. Yeah, I like the simple layout. The graphics with the crossed out text are great and I like the video rich content. I will defenitely be reading (and watching) more.

  2. Wow! The articles and videos here are an insightful and fun look into the world of advertising. Keep up the good work!

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