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Affiliate Marketers Fight Against Texas Legislation That Could Put Them Out Of Business

An interesting article on affiliate marketer’s fight against being put out of business by texas legislation that targets and other e-tailers.    Affiliate marketers will be collateral damage if legislation passes that would impose state sales taxes for e-tailers such as    Read the article below for more information.


Home is where the ad is? – Startup Ad Company Pays Consumer Mortgages to Turn Whole Homes Into Ads

I recently came across an article that blew my mind. Apparently a company called Adzookie ( offering to pay the mortgage for consumers in exchange for the ability to re-paint their whole homes into ads. The company at the time I looked at the article had over 7,000 applicants for very few spots open. What are your thoughts on this? Personally I think this is genius marketing and a very smart PR move for the company. My bet is that it will not only take this mobile advertising company into the black on this venture but also generate a lot of additional business through their primary business of mobile advertising. Very impressed with this venture and the good it will bring to communities. I also think that this might possibly be one of the biggest transmedia opportunities that money can buy! Read more at the article below found on’s Real Estate section.

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Digital Coupons Drive Traffic

Consumers who use digital coupons has risen in the last 12 months because of the Increase in people concerned with saving money. A study was recently cited that one out of three consumers report using a more coupons that just a year ago (Treffiletti, 2009). However this important channel is often overlooked. The truth is that it allows marketers a very strong way to influence at the point of purchase.

Many people are now researching at the point of purchase allowing for mobile coupons to have a last chance to touch that consumer before they buy. The same study referenced earlier stated that as much as 59% of consumers will switch to a generic brand based on price. This leaves mobile coupons as a very unique way to have the last say and try and make that last deciding influence.

The other increased benefit of mobile couponing is the ability to track location of ad messages. With mobile ads and the tool of measurement of a coupon can count sales based off of coupons and where they were seen at. This overview is increasingly important and useful to marketers as they tool what spaces they will buy to reach consumers. This full circle tool of measurement allows for a proxy ratio of influencing sales. The number side with mobile coupons too stating that 63 % of the mobile redemptions drove incremental sales rather than just cannibalizing the existing customer base.

Treffiletti, C. (2009, November 11). Coupon clippers proven to drive incremental sales. Retrieved from

9-11 Tribute

President Bush was never remembered for his ability as a public speaker. However his words stirred many Americans with the speech dubbed in on this video. Even as someone who voted against him, I was proud of our President and his speech. The video shows imagery of our the attack on the world trade center while the President reads about the attack and our country’s response. He outlines the days event as you watch the images of planes crashing, victims, and our countries hero’s flash by. The speech is accompanied by “Only Time” by Enya. Normally not a fan of Enya this song seems very appropriate to the video. Some of the most prolific photos of our generation play such as firefighters raising the flag and some of the attack imagery. The video ends with images of the spotlights raised to the sky in tribute and comments on the American spirit and a prayer.

There is a defining moment in every generation. A moment of great tragedy or triumph so great those that those that lived through it remember exactly where they were and many other mundane details because of it’s association with that shared moment. Moments that a whole generation remembers. Those like the assassinations of JFK and Malcom X, Bringing Down The Berlin Wall, Hiroshima, Pearl Harbor, and countless others. At 26 there have been several of those moments for my generation. The election of President Obama, death of Lady Diana, and others have been defining. But the single most defining moment was easily 9-11. It has been nearly a decade since the world trade center was attacked by terrorists. I still remember the fear I felt riding with my father to school as we anxiously listened the news reports. Our day at school consisted of watching reports and wondering whether or not there would be further attacks. There was a sense of sorrow all along the hallways and classrooms. Many cried and wondered what was next.

That moment had a profound impact on me and my classmates. Many of good friends signed up for military duty. I would have joined them if not diagnosed for asthma and unable to volunteer for duty. I remember this moment clearly as it was a unifying tragedy for America and my generation. I still get teary eyed watching the images on tributes or in photographs like those in the Youtube video above. The thing I remember most about this event was what came after.

Patriotism was reborn in America in the days following the tragedy of 9-11. I noticed a increase in flags flying and a renewed spirit within myself and other Americans as well. Our lives were forever changed. New regulations for air travel were now in place. There was a hummer and solider posted on major landmarks such as the Golden Gate bridge. In addition our country soon set out to war in retaliation for the attack. I pray every year for the families that were effected by 9-11 and for our troops at war because of it. I also realize that their tragedy has united my generation and many other Americans in a renewed patriotic spirit. If anything good could be attributed the renewed since of community and patriotism that has evolved is the silver lining in my opinion. I love my country and was giving a new sense of appreciation and respect for it after that day. I think it is important that we remember 9-11. We should all say a prayer for what was lost and gained that day.

Music Videos from the Front Line (Armed Forces on YouTube) hilarious…

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The SEO Rapper… “Web Design, Best Practices”

Recently was shown a link to this rap. Actually very insightful content that is very well performed. Check out more at the SEO Rapper’s Youtube Channel HERE. Or check him out at his website HERE.