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Come on over Jameson will buy you a drink! AdNectar Rolls Out New Engagement Goods

I changed the title of this article because it seemed to be lacking. My thought is that this article fit right in line with our reading about virtual goods and their rise through social networks like Facebook. My thought is that this campaign will spurn a series of copycat campaigns by other liquor companies, who are just discovering social networks. You can also see links to the actual application and gifts in question in the article.


AdNectar annouced the the results of a recent campaign on Facebook for Jameson Irish Weekly. The campaign introduced a new type of branded virtual good. The campaign incorporated an embedded link on the virtual good to a Facebook application (app) that urged users to vote for the official Jameson drink for the 2010 St. Patick’s Day holiday. Once a user had cast a vote a official Jameson “supporter” virtual gift to that users profile on Facebook shaped like the users favorite drink. As per the article release on March 11, 2010 the app had recorded over 100,000 votes had been cast. AdNectar wisely had the drink only available to users over 21 years of age. The branded virtual good appeared in adult only social network games such as Pass A Drink and Drinks On Me.

AdNectar only allowed the Jameson virtual good to appear in applications that only allowed users to be 21 years of age. The campaign ran in synergy with a wider one by Jameson on urging users to vote using print, radio, in- bar advertising. The radio campaign bears some further mention since it was featured 19 stations broadcasting a live spot from the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland. My kudos to Ad Nectar. What a great utilization of old and new media to bolster sales on a already successful day of sales for Jameson Irish Whiskey.