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Rappers in Hockey Masks are BETTER AT MARKETING THAN YOU!!!

Can you say that you had millions of views of your product before you ever had something to sell? I bet you didn’t, but Hollywood Undead did. They had MILLIONS of plays of several songs on myspace long before being signed to any record label. They were able to create brand ambassadors. They created evangelists for their brand, something most companies fail to do. If you aren’t inspiring your company’s fans to spread the good word then you aren’t doing your job as a marketer. You must harness the blogosphere and twitter and other new mediums or your company will perish. Technocrati or Tweet Beep are a must. If you don’t know what people are saying about your brand than you aren’t doing your job. Hollywood Undead knows their brand. They even resigned with a new record label so they could stay true to their explicit lyrics rather than have to censor their work. They created an army of Fans. They called them the “Undead Army”. They even gave them dog tags for joining their their “Undead Army”. I don’t see any ” APPLE ARMIES” or ” KLEENEX KREW’S” out there. These street kids were able to empower their brand and create a sense of belonging for their fans. Marketers take note. Undead fans tag with spray paint and stickers all over LA. Now they are doing it country wide as more and more join the “Undead Army”. They had street teams in Los Angeles doing guerrilla marketing well before they had even recorded an album. They were smart. They rode the Myspace wave from the very start and their popularity and other trend setting bands changed the music industry forever. Take heed marketers, if you can embrace social media, your fans will do the work for you. Be genuine and real in your communication.  Blog and post relevant information. Then you too can evangelize your fans and let them spread your words and brand. Check out more about these street level marketers and their music below…

The Myspace that started it all
Undead Army
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